Urea – is one the most popular fertilizers that use azote (N). It has good quality, it is multi-usable, and it has a good soil evolution, where hydrolyze is sustained by urea bacteria. Moreover, it has a good contact with the soil’s colloids, its solution and the plants’ roots.

Ammonium nitrate – is a granulated fertilizer, treated with conditioning agents, to prevent overcrowding. It is especially recommended as a fertilizer for phase completion with azote for field cultures, vegetables, fruits, vines, etc. It needs to be dosed based on the pedo-climatic needs and the production you expect.


DAP – It is completely water-soluble and has an acid physiological reaction. The increased content of active substance, the complete solubility, and excellent physical attributes help this fertilizer being used more and more. Thanks to its solubility, it can also be used on the soil’s surface and incorporated in its work surface. It is recommended for the autumn cultures, but also the spring ones.


Azote – is a vital element for plants’ life. It stimulates the root’s growth and photosynthesis, and also the absorption of other nutritious substances for plants.